AG Neovo Meetboard 3

Brooklyn Queens Tech Services is an authorized dealer and integrator for AG Neovo, a world-leading provider of interactive display devices for both professional and educational markets. Amidst a confusing marketplace of expensive options, AG Neovo’s Meetboard is a robust and affordable interactive display board.

Built on the Android OS platform, the AG  Neovo Meetboard is designed to get meetings, presentations, and teaching going right away without the need for projectors, whiteboards, PCs, or installing additional software.

Meetboard 3 offers user-centric and hybrid-ready teaching and meeting technology. Meetboard 3 improves classroom and meeting participation with easy-to-use apps and tools, wireless screen sharing, and USB-C connectivity. Meetboard 3 successfully transforms traditional classrooms and meeting rooms into immersive learning and sharing hubs.

What sets the Meetboard 3 apart?


The Meetboard 3 comes with essential apps and helpful tools such as the interactive whiteboard, browser, native Office, and PDF file support. Featuring a 20-point multi-touch enabled screen, multiple users can draw and annotate on the screen simultaneously.


After meeting and teaching sessions, sharing and transferring files is easily accomplished. From the file manager, users can easily access, save, and share files via QR code, email, USB drives, Cloud storage, and SMB servers.


BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) is quite a common practice nowadays, and the Meetboard 3 allows for seamless collaboration via your own mobile devices such as a tablet, mobile, or laptop.  It features a wireless screen mirroring solution, so users can easily and quickly mirror their content in their own devices onto Meetboard 3, supporting up to 9 devices sharing content with split screens at the same time. The Meetboard 3 supports Windows, Android, macOS, and iOS devices.


With BYOM (Bring Your Own Meeting), use your own laptop to host a lecture or video conference using your preferred conferencing solution (e.g. Teams, Webex, Zoom, Meet, etc). At the same time, you are benefiting from the available audio and video peripherals of the teaching/meeting space you are in.

Meetboard 3 provides full function USB-C connectivity, delivering audio, video, data, ethernet, touch function and charging your laptop simultaneously via a single USB-C cable.


Find out more about the AG Neovo Meetboard 3 line of products.


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