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Interactive Displays

Interactive displays are central to productive work and learning environments. Users can create and edit documents, images, and various other file formats while sharing with coworkers, students or meeting participants.

Our interactive displays allow you to collaborate with team members, students, and business associates, while utilizing a digital whiteboard to take notes and brainstorm, share your screen and interact with everyone in the room.  The all-in-one design with computing capability allows you to execute applications and engage with the users without the need for external PCs, while still providing connectivity to desktops, laptops, tablets and phones.


If you’re looking to improve your office collaboration, enhance your meetings or provide better student engagement, give us a call to discuss installing new interactive flat panel displays in your office or classrooms.  We also offer professional installation and support of a wide array of other interactive devices and systems including whiteboards, projectors, and document cameras.

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